Mug shots

Oh baby it’s cold outside! Winter has definitely set in now. To stay warm I drink liters of hot tea and hot chocolate. I prefer to drink my hot stuff out of different mugs according to my mood. Might sound a bit quirky, but I just like change. My collection of mugs is therefore absurd. Lately, I’ve been using my new Marimekko mug a lot, because I love the design with the blue hues and cute reindeer. Another favourite mug is my Littlephant mug. And as if I don’t have enough mugs I also have a wishlist: I heart the beakers by Donna Wilson with an illustration of an owl and I would love to have an ink blot mug by welovekaoru .  Do you have any favourite mugs?

(Donna Wilson is now also available at Dutch store Buiten de lijntjes. Littlephant was bought in Amsterdam at Klevering, and the Marimekko at Selfridges in London)


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