Home interior trends 2013: Gymnastics equipment

Let’s get physical, physical! Let me hear your body talk. What does physical excercise have to do with interior design, I hear you think? Well, remember the smell of leather, wood and sweat when you were still in school? Remember the gym class and the pommel horse? A hot trend in interior design is using gymnastics equipment as furniture. I first saw this trend in Hanover in December, and then again a few weeks ago in a store in Delft. My third encounter with a pommel horse was last Monday at IMM Cologne, the international furniture show. Three time is a charm…it’s a trend!

The vintage pommel horses, jump bocks and gym balls are often designs by Andreas Gröbel who restores and revamps the vintage pieces with e.g. snake skin leather and embellishments into stools, coffee tables or decorative pieces.  What do you think? Would you buy a gym furniture piece for your home?


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3 thoughts on “Home interior trends 2013: Gymnastics equipment

  1. This is so nice. A friend of mine found a pommel horse at a trashpile outside a railroad workers club gym about 25 years ago, so he dragged it to his home. This took about 2 hours on foot. After having it at home for about 2 days, he put it in the can again, because his 25m² flat became kind of claustrophobic with this thing in it. I bet he’d wish to find something like this again along the roadside, this may have been a once in a lifetime experience. But as you see, you can buy stuff like that also.

    1. Thank you for sharing that story Guido. Your friend could have started a trend. This shows that with vision and creativity you can make something big out of what others consider trash 🙂

  2. Hi Louise, our friend Sabine from Wohnbedarf blog restores those pommel horses and sells them in her online shop Freundts too. Such a quirky but cool idea to use as interior decoration. xx

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