4 Reasons to visit the Natural History Museum of London

Natural History Museum in London

A city trip to London is usually packed with must-see landmarks and shopping. Consequently, a visit to a museum often is forgotten or striped of the list for the sake of time. However I would urge everyone to at least step into one of the three iconic museums. South Kensington's Exhibition Road is the heart of cultural London with the three iconic buildings The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. So let me explain the reasons for visiting … [Read more...]

London shopping guide – the Christmas arcade at Somerset House

Ever since I was little my parents took my siblings and me to London to do our Christmas shopping. The Saturday before Christmas we would fly in on the earliest flight, and take the latest flight back to Amsterdam. That may sound decadent, especially in the early eighties, but to us it was pretty normal. As a kid we were so excited to go to Hamleys, the biggest toy store, and the Disney store. So whenever I go back to London, I remember those fun moments and I feel as having my parents with me … [Read more...]