Orange-spiced Poached Pears

Pears abundant at the supermarkets. Poached pears are quintessentially Christmas, either as dessert with ice cream, or paired with beef or turkey as a beautiful side dish. Yesterday I made orange-spice poached pears. The good thing about poached pears is that you can make them in advance and easily preserve them for later. It’s easy […]

Pear harvest and a Savoury Pear Tart

One of my happy moments is a sunny autumn day that I can jump on my bike and ride to my favourite fruit orchard. The bike ride leads past blooming dahlia fields, and through beautiful lapses of nature where autumn foliage is in its full galore. I fully enjoy the Dutch picturesque scenery with the […]

The perfect Holiday dessert: Cranberry Poached Pears

I found the perfect Christmas dessert recipe on Martha Stewart’s website. Although she features it as a Thanksgiving dessert, I think it just as well fits on a Christmas menu, especially because of the colour and ingredients used.  With some small alterations, I made it my own. It’s a delightful and delicious winter treat as […]