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A home decor shop and brand to my liking is Lodsh. In my blog post Here’s my story you could see I already have a few of their items in my own interior. The relatively new interior design brand (Sep 2011) and -store carries a collection that is based on global influences. Their products tell a story and fit in well with most styles, but will in particular please people who are fond of traveling and collecting ethnic inspired home furniture and accessories from all corners of the globe. People who are open-minded to the diversities of the world cultures.[continue reading after pictures]

Lodsh has a mixture of flavours: from India, to Indonesia, Tibet and even the Provence in France. A lot of the items are made of recycled materials, and natural fibers. More importantly, Lodsh supports fair trade and gives back to the countries where the products are made.[continue reading after pictures]

Lodsh teak items have a unique lived-in look. Some of it being recycled planks from old houses transformed into furniture. Old Asian fishing boats were turned into robust pieces of furniture. A real eye-catcher in the store are the brightly coloured antique pots and milk jugs which were hand-painted by Tibetan monks. They are a Buddhist symbol for luck and happiness, and each one is unique. I also like the oversized jars made out of recycled glass with lids from mango wood. [continue reading after pictures]

In the World of Lodsh, as they name their store, you will find furniture, accessories and much more to inspire you. They already had me with their slogan “There’s a story in everything“, a line I have been living by for years. But their store is full of inspirational quotes that resonated with me. And to feel right at home, they draw you into the experience even more by offering you a cup of tea at their tea bar.  Like I said, a store and brand to my liking! Go see for yourself and get inspired like I did.

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