Cool Concept: Pop-up Hotel San Giorgio Mykonos

Design Hotels has come up with a really cool concept… the pop up hotel. How does it work? They work out a deal for a property or estate that is unique, they come in, renovate it, occupy it for six months and then give it back to the owner. Each pop-up project is a culturally rooted experience where they renovate the hotel in accordance with the culture and its location.

The concept goes by the name Papaya playa project. Their first project was a design hotel in Tulum, Mexico, and now they have taken up a 34-room property at the Greek party destination Mykonos. The San Giorgio hotel vibe is reminiscent of the carefree spirit of the 1960s with relaxation spaces, and fun stylish interiors. Traditional Greek furniture, simple clean architecture and natural hues make it the ultimate retreat to chill and submerge yourself in the bohemian mindset of ease and enjoyment.  There’s an expansive pool and open air lounge. Hammocks everywhere, traditional Greek woven-top stools, hand crafted wicker light fixtures, wood framed mirrors. From the long rough-hewn tables in the restaurant you can peek into the open kitchen. White-washed walls and furniture form a beautiful backdrop for the colourful, sink-in cushions and exotic lanterns at the bar. Former Creative Director of Design Hotels and now design entrepreneur Michael Schickinger, together with interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu were responsible for this awe-inspiring design. What’s not to like about the stylish simplicity?

And all of this set against the sun kissed blue waters and among picturesque white houses and quaint alleys, making it a Grecian paradise.

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