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I am honoured to have been awarded the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Sandy from Confiture de Vivre, a very dear blogging friend who blogs about her recipes and cooking. I met her in an e-course for bloggers and been a big fan of her food styling and food photography ever since. She is so talented, and her blog just shows how passionate she is about what she’s doing. [continue reading after picture]

photography by Confiture de Vivre

The award gives me the opportunity to share my favourite blogs with you, my readers, and show some love to my fellow bloggers. But it’s also hard because I have to limit it to no more than 15 and there are so many good blogs out there. So I selected blogs that inspire me, and get my creative juices flowing. I should also mention that Sandy from Confiture de Vivre would have been one of my nominees if I hadn’t been nominated by her first.

This is how it works:

  • Link back to and credit the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog.
  • Pass the award on to up to 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to.
  • Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself

Well, you can read the 7 +3 extra things about me here because I recently added this list to my “about me” page.

In no particular order I pass the One Lovely Blog award to these 10 blogs:

1 Something Blue – I met blogster Lyndsay in the same e-course as where I met Sandy. Her blog is a collection of beautiful interiors, with natural elements, homes by or inspired by the sea, breezy and beautiful. Homes with accessories collected while traveling, interiors with a history and a soul.

photography: Jordi Canosa

2. Lifestyle fom Amsterdam to Marrakech – my blog friend Melanie blogs mainly about beautiful Riads, Morrocan interior design, and other beautiful, and rustic decorated spaces with natural elements and cultural details.  Sometimes she slips in a post about beautiful Holland as a contrast. I first met her at a webshops fair where I was sent to by the Dutch magazine 101woonideeën to write a guest blog about my favourite picks. Melanie’s shop El Ramla Hamra was my first pick, and we’ve been in contact ever since.

Jordi Canosa

3. Spraak-water – Samira is another blog friend who has a personal blog documenting her own life. She has an eye for interior styling and I always love the still lifes she creates in her own home and showcases on her blog. We share a love for birds, feathers, white coral, natural elements, things with a soul/history, and beautiful bugs.

4. Griottes – A French blog with fingerlicking recipes, beautiful pictures, Do it Yourself projects, and pictures of nature. Emilie makes of everything a colourful palette and picture to frame. Even if you don’t understand French have a look cause her pictures tell a story you want to “hear”.

photo by Griottes

5. Loving.Living.Small – Rebecca from Washington shares practical tips, trends and design for small (urban) spaces and how to make your house a home with style. Sounds like me doesn’t it? That’s why I like her blog so much!

photo by loving living small

6. From Me to You – This is an awe-inspiring photo blog by Jamie Beck. She photographs fashion, New York, and everything beautiful. In her column at Home with she gives us a peek inside the most stunning homes. And in her column Dinner & a Movie yummie recipes. Her photography is in one word mind-blowing. If you weren’t interested in fashion, you will be after visiting her blog!

photograph by From Me to You

7. Petite Passport – Pauline Egge shares all her tried and tested travel hot spots. Unique hotels, restaurants and must see destinations. I just know we would be great travel companions cause she enjoys the same things as I do: classy interiors, boutique hotels, and everything that is not the typical tourist trap.

photo by petite paris

8. Stylizimo – Nina from Norway is such a sweetheart. I met her at the event “Meet the Blogger” in Amsterdam, but I was a fan of her blog before that. Her interior decorating en sense of style is pure, cozy and accessible. I would swop houses with her in a heart beat. My favourite spot in her home is the table in her garden under the cherry tree.

photography and styling: Nina Holst /Stylizimo

9. Still – Still is a photography blog that will amaze you. For one year, in 2012, Mary Jo blogs one image, daily, of gathered natural objects.  Plants, flowers, animals, photographed in a minimalistic yet extraordinary, striking way. It makes you ponder and realize that every little single element is beautiful in itself and should be cherished.

photo: Mary Jo Hoffman/Still

10. Un Cappuccino la mattina – Maricruz is a Mexican expat, photographer and foodstylist. Her photography of food is inspiring and delightful. A feast for the palette and the eyes!

photography by Maricruz Avalos

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