Hotel to Heart: BLC Design Hotel in Paris

While I was staying in Paris, I stayed in the BLC Design Hotel. My usual crib, La Belle Juliette, wasn’t available due to a rush on rooms because of Maison et Objet. I have to say that the BLC Design Hotel was a good second choice. This 3-star boutique hotel is situated near the Bastille. It is a simple and small  hotel with 29 rooms, yet has all amenities you’d need for a city trip. Especially if you plan to be out more than in, and will use your room just for sleeping.

Everything in the BLC Design Hotel is white, sleek and brilliant.  All rooms have a huge eye catcher: a wall with a photographic depiction of a universal woman. The concept is open space, so the bathroom is only divided by a fleeting veil curtain and glass.  A new age touch of light gives way to slumber. The lavatory is tiled with metallic mosaic. Minimalistic silver knobs on the wall are for hanging your clothes.




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