Home impressions: Coastal living, red and white

Yesterday I had a second visit to the Woonbeurs (Home decor fair) in Amsterdam. The highlights for me were  the simulated houses of the leading home decor and gardening magazines of the Netherlands. All magazines built an inspirational home concept, totally decorated in their own signature style. Different from last year was a partnership of Ariadne at Home, Home & Garden and Seasons. Since they have the same editor-in-chief they decided to set up a 3-in-1 concept. And it was the perfect match!

The three magazines created a New England concept reminiscent of Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard.  A breezy and light home with a porch, a bench with fluffy pillows and blankets for chilly summer nights and comfortable stand alone chairs to immerse yourself in a good book. And then there is the luscious garden, boasting wild flowers, sea grass and dahlias and including an old-timer Chevrolet pick-up in the driveway. Not to forget the beach house filled with treasures. The colour theme in the main house, that was also subtly present in the beach house, was red and white. In every nook I would discover something new and exquisite. Small simple details make this house special and inspires me to do the same at my own home.

The beach house 

Trends to watch: 1. Coastal living, 2. Display your small treasures and keepsakes, 3. soft blue, 4. vintage accessories, 5. a moodboard/inspirational wall with clippings, postcards, photos, 6. Bell jars, 7. globes

The walls are shelves covered with chicken wire displaying natural treasures. A feather in a bottle, eggs in a jar, coral and shells, pearls and driftwood under a bell jar. Simplicity is key.

The main house

Trends to watch: 1. vintage, 2. display your treasures and keepsakes, 3. bell jars, 4. crafting like sowing and knitting and crochets, 5. mixing pillows with different patterns in the same colour scheme, 6. soft pinkish and salmon hues

The main house is the a mix of shabby chic and modern romance, with lots of vintage accessories and small details. Crafting is hot, knitting and sowing are back.  Sowing takes a prominent part in the styling concept. The kitchen is in French country style. Different hues of red give it a romantic yet modern look: red terra, soft sienna red, and fireman red. An ikat pillow with a lace trim form a striking juxtaposition in itself but also adjacent to a crochet pillow. The wall paper that looks like tiles is from Merci Merci in Paris.

The garden and porch

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