Find your balance in a black and white bedroom

Black and white is a classic color combo to strike a chic style. That is also how I feel about my black an white balanced bedroom. The effect is bold, clean, and inspired by the black and white picture of classic fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. I always like to put in something quirky, unusual or imperfect. So instead of the classic head light above my head board, I use three design sockets by the Danish brand E-form on each side of the bed. I got them at Dalani Home & Living. They are made of coated metallic and they are extremely trendy at the moment. I screwed in soft tone bulbs that give just enough light to read, but are soft enough to get into the relax mode.  Especially on weekends I lavishly enjoy my time in the bedroom. By using different patterns and fabric materials you can make it more interesting. A lot of fluffy pillows on the bed, extra blankets for chilly nights, and a collection of scented candles and romantic details add warmth to the room and prevent it from feeling sterile.


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