True Happiness is Giving it Away – Join the Holiday Gift Swap!

I love the quote “True Happiness is giving it away”. and “When you give the gift of happiness, you are sure to receive it back”. I have no idea whose quotes these are but I heartily embrace them. Therefore I would like to invite all my readers in Delivering Happiness. How? By joining my Holiday Gift Swap!

We now live in a world where we hardly ever get a hand-written letter or note anymore. When I was little I had two penpals who were complete strangers but became my friends just by writing and sending eachother gifts. Although we have social media, we are less social than fifteen years ago. Yet we all want the same things: love, health, friendships, safety. We all like beautiful things, an inviting home, we like to look good. So why not connect the old-fashioned way? Are you ready to connect with a stranger and to deliver happiness you are sure to receive back?

How it works

Each participant fills out the form. I will then match everyone with the contact details of another participant. Each participant will put together a gift box with a value of at least €20 or $20. Gifts can be anything that relates to the theme There’s no place like home varying from material things like accessories for the home, or curiosities, to something you baked, or crafted yourself. Whatever the theme evokes, be it warm socks and hot chocolate, or a beautiful photo frame and design bowl. Naturally, you’ll opt for unique finds, just like 30s Magazine, because you want to be original and 30s Magazine is after all what connected you in the first place. Be creative and try to spend your budget wisely. Please add a personal handwritten note. After gift wrapping it nicely (click here for nice giftwrapping ideas), you send the parcel to your swap partner.

Filling out the form

Please fill out the form below. Be as complete and honest as you can. This will help your counterpart in creating a gift box that fits you and your taste.

30s Magazine will handle your contact details with great care and will not use your details for other purposes, than linking you to a swap partner. Your details will not be shared with third parties and will not be stored after the Holiday Gift Swap.


Joining and filling out the form is from 27 October till 17 November. Sending gifts is from 17 November till 17 December.

What to do when you receive your gift box

Please take a photo of your gift box and the content. Try to style your photo nicely, and use natural light (no flash!).  If the content is too much to fit into one photo, pick the most unique or beautiful gift. Please upload your photo to the 30s Magazine Flickr group. You can sign in with your gmail, facebook or yahoo account.

Only if you have trouble uploading your photo on Flickr you may e-mail your picture to 30smagazineblog at gmail dot com with in the subject line photo gift box. I will share all photos on 30s Magazine in a special post and I will pin them to Pinterest.

If you are a blogger

If you are a blogger and participating, I would appreciate it if you would blog about the Holiday Gift Swap and tweet your blog post to @30smagazine tagging it #holidaygiftswap. I will retweet and then visit your blog post and pin your photo to the special Holiday Gift Swap board on Pinterest.


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