A Chinese Party

Happy Lunar New Year!  Today it’s Chinese New Year, the beginning of the year of the snake. And whenever a theme presents itself to organize a party, I enthusiastically invite my friends over. I love to cook and create themed tablescapes, and to be honest (I’m not bragging), I’m quite known for my home entertaining. Although Chinese New Year has its traditions and abundantly uses red decorations, I took a creative and modern take on it. I went for pink as the theme colour.

There was also a little crafting involved. I bought white take out boxes and jazzed them up with wallpaper. The chopsticks needed some colour so I used MT Masking tape to prettify them. I crafted napkins from a beautiful fabric I found at Pipoos. And I made paper golden fortune cookies by using this tutorial.

I didn’t go extreme on the food. I made roasted duck, bapao, Chinese vegetables, tofu, springrolls, wonton soup, and white rice.

Chinese placesetting

Chinese tablescape Chinese tablescape 2

Chinese tablesetting 5

Chinese food

Chinese food 2

Chinese tablesetting 3 chinese lantern tealight Chinese paper lanterns Chinese table setting Chinese tablesetting 7 Chinese take out boxes 2 Chinese vegetables fortune cookies Chinese tablesetting 2 Chopsticks Chinese party theme

Chinese food 3 cherry blossom


IMG_9701 IMG_9703 IMG_9705


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  1. Wauw! Dat ziet er echt prachtig uit. Heel mooi gestyled en gemaakt. Hoop dat je een fijne middag hebt gehad!

  2. This looks absolutely stunning. I wish I was your friend, how lucky they are!

  3. Wow, ik ben elke keer weer mega-onder de indruk van de manier waarop je zoiets aanpakt, echt geweldig! En het eten ziet er ook heerlijk uit. Was het leuk gisteren?

  4. Ziet er heerlijk uit, mooie foto’s 🙂

  5. Ziet er idd erg gezellig uit (?)

  6. What a beautiful table and the food looks good as well. You really are the Dutch Martha Stewart. Happy New Year!

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