Chinese New Year party essentials

Tomorrow, February 10 marks the Chines New Year celebration. Last year I already shared a few easy tips on how to create your own Chinese New Years party at home (read here). Today I’m busy prepping for a party I’m throwing for friends tomorrow. For my party essentials I shopped at Lang zal ze Leven. But you can also try your local Chinese supermarket. In the February issue of Ariadne at Home magazine they share a few cute ideas to make your own. And the internet is also boasting with ideas like here, where they teach you how to make fabric fortune cookies. Here’s my round up of party essentials and the best decorating ideas. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my own, so stay tuned!

Chinees Feest collage

Chinees NY

chineesnieuwjaar chineesnieuwjaar2 chineesnieuwjaar3

source photos Ariadne at Home


  1. Good Luck with the party:-) x


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