Block printed kitchen and table textiles

I’m smitten by a brand I discovered last week in a local shop. It’s the Danish brand Bungalow. Although they have decorations, and lamps as well, it were their teatowels, napkins and tablecloths that caught my eye. I soon found out that the original prints and lively colors were created by hand rather than machines, and that all products have a story. The high quality cotton textiles are a blend of contemporary designs with Indian inspiration in trendy colors. They are produced by block printing them by hand.

Indian craftsmen use carved wooden stamp blocks to imprint the designs unto the fabric. “Depending on the number of colours and the intricacy of the designs craftsmen hand stamp the cloth 500-2000 times to complete a set of bedlinnen” says Minna Hildebrandt, owner of Bungalow. Indian patterns of paisley, florals, borders and repetition of motifs adorn the textiles, and since it’s hand-made, not one item is identical. The art of block-printing is passed down from generation to generation in Indian culture, making these fabrics even more special. The details are stunning.

For a closer look, or other colours visit the website or one of the many international sales points.

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