6 Ways to Go Green à la Mode

Today is Earth Day. Climate change is one of our biggest and pressing challenges, and the Earth Day organization, inspires, educates and moves us to do something about it, individually and as a community. Small things matter, and when I got to think of it, I contribute to a better ecological lifestyle on a daily base. Moreover, you can go green without making any concessions on your style. Nowadays, there are so many cool and hip brands that are smart and aesthetic yet organic and eco-friendly. One shop I frequently visit for organic products is http://www.bewustgoed-winkel.nl/ Here are six products I use daily which are green and fashion forward:

  1. Pukka tea – Pukka tea blends are in balance with nature, using herbs from fair trade, and sustainable sources. You can taste the difference!
  2. Figs & Rouge Lip Balm – Figs & Rouge lip balm is 100% pure and natural. It provides an intense and delicious moisture boost.
  3. Envirosax bag – Envirosax designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! Who needs a plastic bag if you’ve got an Envirosax?
  4. Water Bobble – Read my blog post about the water bobble, a re-usuable bottle with a filter
  5. Hip and Hippie scented candle – Read my blog post about this recyclable and reusable candle wrapped with seeded paper, that grows wildflowers in a reusable container.
  6. Keep Leaf lunch bag – Insulated lunch bag made from 100% Organic cotton canvas. Read my blog post about it here.


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