Gift idea: the insulated Dopper bottle

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have a few favourite things that I would like to share in the coming weeks that make perfect Christmas gifts. Last week I kicked off my ‘favourite things’ gift tips with the stylish phone cases and powerbanks from Today I have another super functional yet also […]

Summer essential: the Ghongha water bottle

Get ready for some hot days, summer holidays, and fun fun fun! My indispensable summer accessory this year is my Ghongha water bottle. Keeping hydrated by the poolside or on the beach is made easy with this stylish bottle. It comes in other colours too (blush pink, mint green, and grey). The silicone slid keeps your […]

6 Ways to Go Green à la Mode

Today is Earth Day. Climate change is one of our biggest and pressing challenges, and the Earth Day organization, inspires, educates and moves us to do something about it, individually and as a community. Small things matter, and when I got to think of it, I contribute to a better ecological lifestyle on a daily […]

Cool water bottles

Keep it fresh this summer with these cool re-usuable water bottles. They are trendy and you help save the environment by not buying the one-time-use plastic ones. Drink up! 1. Bobble with a built-in filter | 2. Envirosax stainless steel with sports top and optional screw top | 3. SIGG Peace and Harmony aluminium bottle | 4. […]