Summer essential: the Ghongha water bottle

Get ready for some hot days, summer holidays, and fun fun fun! My indispensable summer accessory this year is my Ghongha water bottle. Keeping hydrated by the poolside or on the beach is made easy with this stylish bottle. It comes in other colours too (blush pink, mint green, and grey).

The silicone slid keeps your water cold or hot in the light-weight glass bottle. The Ghongha bottle is made from hand blown strong heat resistant borosilicate glass (-20 – +200 Celsius) which makes it dishwasher, freezer and microwave proof. And the best thing: it is completely free from toxic BPA (Bisphenol A plastic) materials. BPA is a chemical that is often found in plastic bottles and has been linked to many ailments such as increased risk for cancer, obesity and diabetes. The Ghongha bottle can be ordered online and is £ 23

ghonga waterbottle

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