Gift idea: the insulated Dopper bottle

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have a few favourite things that I would like to share in the coming weeks that make perfect Christmas gifts. Last week I kicked off my ‘favourite things’ gift tips with the stylish phone cases and powerbanks from Today I have another super functional yet also stylish item: an insulated Dopper bottle. It’s Dopper’s newest design to be cool and stay hot at the same time. The bottle can be used for cold and hot water and keeps your water either cool (24 hrs) or warm (9 hrs).

For whom

The insulated Dopper bottle is a perfect gift for the mommy who needs to carry on hot water to make a warm formula milk bottle on-the-go, for the sporty friend to take to the gym, or for the professional to drink during the commute to work.

Customize your bottle

The insulated Dopper comes in two sizes (350 ml or 580 ml) and two colours (grey or pink). After choosing your colour and size you can personalize and customize the white part of the bottle with your name, patterns, photo or a logo. The white top part is also practical because it can serve as a cup to have a hot tea on the go.

Saving the planet

The best thing about the bottle is that you contribute to preserving our planet and that you are more aware of the environment. By using a Dopper you reduce your plastic bottle usage and thus produce less waste. The sustainable design bottle also increases access to safe drinking water to people around the world. In most Western countries it is safe and cheaper to drink tap water so why would you buy plastic bottled water anyway?

Where to buy

Dopper is a Dutch brand but is sold internationally. You can buy the bottle on the Dopper website or in selected stores. Find out more on their website.

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