Redecorating with Graham & Brown

Inspired by the EurAsian style trend I encountered at the Dutch Home decor fair, I’m thinking about redecorating my bedroom. I really liked the soft pastels combined with neutrals, and I have always had a crush on Japanese fabrics. The EurAsian style is ethnic yet modern chic, which really resonates with me, and will for a few years, I trust. So I decided to organize my ideas in a mood board before I take the big plunge.EurAsian moodboard

My starting point was the wallpaper. Graham & Brown has some beautiful collections.  I chose the Cherry Blossom wallpaper from the Superfresco texture, Hanami collection. It’s textured vinyl wall covering, and washable. It has a contemporary design, with embossed colours: Taupe with charcoal branches, and the cream blossom flowers are accentuated by glitter infills. It’s flamboyant but in a gentle way.


I’m not sure about the paint yet, but it has to be one of the Histor colours in The Red Ones collection: Chocolate, Terra Grey, Strong Coral, Clear Rose, Soft Blossom, Pale Salmon and Pure White. For curtains and pillow cases I chose glossy fabrics by Toppoint. Both are from the Mori collection: wool white glossy, and concrete glossy. The flooring is also still subject of discussion, but it’ll be either dark grey carpeting or a light wooden floor. In my moodboard I use marmoleum with wood print.moodboard

I already have a lot of accessories to finish the look. The bird cage I bought in Berlin at KaDeWe, the small pink vase is from Pluum – a little shop in Leiden, the Japanese tea tin I bought in Berlin, and inspirational quote I picked up at a bookstore in Paris. So what do you think? Should I go for it?

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