How to make your own Flower Wreath

Last weekend I went to Engaged, a wedding event. Part of the day I spent making a flower wreath. The workshop was led by my dear blog friend Holly Marder. I’m so happy I went because as you all know by now, I love flowers. Not a weekend goes by that I don’t buy a fresh bouquet. I’ve been wanting to do a flower arrangement and wreath making workshop for years now. I’m extremely proud of the result.

flower wreath

wreath flowersDIY flower wreath

To make your own you need a lot of patience, you have to be in the mood to fiddle, and you need the following supplies:

Source: Avenue Lifestyle -  Photography Holly Marder

Above 2 photos of flowers and materials are by: Avenue Lifestyle – Photography Holly Marder

Once you get the hang of it, it actually goes pretty quickly. For the full tutorial visit my teacher’s blog Avenue Lifestyle where she shares a step-by-step description. Thanks again Holly for teaching and inspiring me. This wreath is the first of many more now that I know how to. I’m already thinking about making an autumn foliage one.

Tip: If you save the wreath in the fridge, or keep it in a cool place during the nights you get to enjoy it for approx. 4 days.

Louise making a wreathHolly Marder workshop

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