Series to binge watch when you’re stuck in bed with the flu (or buried in a snow storm)

After a week of the most awful flu I can remember since I don’t know when, I’m back on my feet. I was literally stuck to my bed, under a pile of blankets and slept more than the average bear in hibernation. The hours I was awake, I was binge watching series on Netflix. Binge watching is the new culture:  “the practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show. In a survey conducted by Netflix, 73% of people define binge-watching as “watching between 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting” (source: wikipedia)


It surprises me that so many of my friends still don’t know what Netflix is, or haven’t tried it yet. It’s so convenient and easy.  Seriously, people, you are missing out! Some series are even Netflix originals. So what to watch? Start with Orange is the New Black. Then move on to Breaking Bad which has really the best character development and plot lines ever! Homeland is next if you haven’t watched it on cable TV yet. And currently I’m all wrapped up in House of Cards. All of them have excellent plot lines and interesting rounded characters with depth and a good balance between dialogue and action. They are all like a very good novel where you are drawn into the story, sometimes despising a character while at other moments feeling a strong connection and understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Series to binge watch when you’re stuck in bed with the flu (or buried in a snow storm)

  1. Glad you’re better. Sounds like your body needed it!

    Haha. EXCELLENT post! Binge watching has been around for a while but more in terms of Box Sets.

    I have Netflix but haven’t binge watched for ages. Now I am with Breaking Bad. We so get through about 4 episodes a night when we watch!

    Can’t wait to see Series 2 of House of Cards when I get round to it.

    I think Netflix is a brilliant company with huge potential. That’s why i’ve bought shares in it and after only a few months they’ve gone up $100 per share! Result 😉

    1. Where are you now Breaking Bad? Don’t you think it’s brilliant how Walt’s personality and confidence transforms? In the last episode I couldn’t even remember how he used to be in the first. Loved it!

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