Trend: Wooden Beads in interior styling

A trend on the rise is the use of natural wooden beads in home decorations. And since I’m a huge fan of wooden elements in my home, this is a trend that would fit my home and interior perfectly. I’ve seen them in many sizes and used in a variety of ways, but mostly in an unfinished natural look.. You can start your own craft project and buy the beads, or, you can opt for the easy way and look for a ready-to-use string like for example the wardrobe snake. Either way, there are many examples to draw inspiration from. Whether it is a pendant lamp, or just as a decorative object in a vignette, wooden beads are on a roll.

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houten kralen lamp Marz_sidetablewooden beads string

bead snakebead wardrobe

houten chandelierkralen onderzetterwooden beads lamp

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2 thoughts on “Trend: Wooden Beads in interior styling

  1. This is great! Trend or no Trend…
    Loving many here, particularly the chandalier, which I’ve only ever seen in cream. Doris fron Interiornovice just hung it up in her house in green. Check her IG 😉

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