One plant – three stylings

Last week I bought yet another plant. Yet again, because most plants die after a few weeks in my dark home. Nevertheless, I keep on trying until I will find one that can survive. This time, I have an extra incentive to keep a close eye on it. I joined an international bloggers movement called Urban Jungle Bloggers. The movement was initiated by my blog friends Igor and Judith who wanted to promote and share their love for plants in interior design. Each month, all bloggers who joined the movement, get a theme to work with. February’s assignment was to style one plant in three different ways. I joined a bit late, but couldn’t wait until the end of March to dive into the Urban Jungle challenge. So here’s my take on the theme. I hope it inspires you to get a plant, that is, if you don’t have any.

Style one: Moroccan

For the first styling I used a blue replica patchwork kelim from Ikea, a white wash Moroccan ladder, and a mini tajine from El Ramla Hamra. The silver tea set is a souvenir from my trip to Dubai. My plant is in a Moroccan style bowl from Kookpunt.

IMG_0053urban jungle Moroccan style

urban jungle - style Arabic

Style two: Fashionable and Feminine

This style is what I have currently in my home. It’s feminine with an Audrey Hepburn influence. The black and white throw is from Ikea, draped on an Ikea chair. The dots stool is from Loods 5. On top of it my fashion books and a pink vintage perfume bottle I bought on a flea market. In a black and white home, plants add warmth and colour.


Style three: Vintage Travel

If you suffer from wanderlust, why not create a vintage style travel nook by stacking suitcases, or displaying your travel maps. The vintage suitcase is from Diversitijd, the print is from Bold & Noble. On the right, a desk lamp from Lodsh. The Atlas is a beautiful illustrations book by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinska.

Urban Jungle - traveller

Urban Jungle - 30s Mag

As you can see, plants fit in, in all interior styles. Stay tuned for another Urban Jungle post at the end of March.


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5 thoughts on “One plant – three stylings

  1. Great stylings, Louise!! I love the Moroccan theme of course:-) Well executed & thank you so much for being part of the growing Urban Jungle Bloggers family!

  2. Thank you so much Louise for playing along! I love all the many details in your stylings! I think my favorite is the feminine one, but I also really like the vintage traveler one. I hope your new plant will survive in your home: maybe there’s a little spot left in your window sill?

    1. Thanks Judith! Happy I joined. Unfortunately my plant doesn’t fit in my window sill. And even there plants have died. My balcony is therefore my happy place in summer, it’s the only way where I can really enjoy my plants. Fingers crossed for this one 🙂

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