Home Tour: A modernized farmhouse

In a small village in the Netherlands, located on a dike overlooking the river the Maas, I photographed an amazing renovated farm house. The house has a long and interesting history. It used to be a farmhouse with a barn where they would chill milk, and later fruit from the Betuwe’s local orchards. After that, it served other purposes and eventually it was bought by a family of two generations who divided it into two homes. Six years ago, the current owners bought the dated house and completely renovated it to what it is today: a modernized farmhouse with raw, pure, and rough natural elements like concrete, wood and leather. They tried to save or replicate as much as they could from the original elements like the wooden roof beams, and thick walls. Or they included modern furniture with a nod to the past and surroundings like a cow bath tub. I fell in love with the bathroom and spacious and airy upper floor. I also loved the living room with the gas fire place.


The house has another bathroom and also another living room and breakfast area. Curious to see more? Head over to my Houzz article to see more of this beautiful home and to read the full article and background information on the design furniture.

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  1. […] wall was styled by Tjitske de Ruiter, from Villa Idea, who also styled and designed the modernized farm house I photographed last […]

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