Trend: French rattan bistro chairs

What is more typical of France than the rattan bistro chairs you see on every terrace and balcony? The chairs with names like Opera, Colette, Poupon or Cassandre are typical terrace chairs and come in all hues and variations. Since the 1920s the handmade seats dominate interiors of cafes and restaurants, but lately they have also infiltrated into home decor. Dutch entrepreneur Pietrix Runia jumped on the bandwagon and offers the different models in an array of different colors and combos. In her shop HA50 you can design your own bistro chair, bench, stool or even baby high chair by choosing a design and combining two of the 29 different colours. So let’s have a look at a few examples how you can inject that French je ne sais quois style in your interior.IMG_0550french bistro chairs 7french bistro chairs 1 french bistro chairs 2 french bistro chairs 3 french bistro chairs 4 french bistro chairs 5

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