5 Mother’s Day gifts you would want to keep for yourself

I usually don’t blog about mother’s day gifts or brunches because my mom passed away almost 20 years ago. But this year I would like to make an exception, because I spotted a few gifts that are just too good to keep to myself. The gifts are so covetable, that you might want to keep them for yourself, or put them on your own mother’s day wish list.

1. A mint coffee grinder designed by Nicolas Vahe via Accessorize your Home (Dutch webshop)mothers day gift 2

2. A Stak Ceramics mint kitchen dock via The shop in East Libertymothers day gift 1

3. A personalized Longchamp Pliage baglongchamp

4. a chalkboard bottle of Lambrusco rosso Emilia, via de Bijenkorf


5. A Velves pamper box to create your home spa with global products via Velves.nl (read my review here)Velves World explorer box

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