12 Key Trends in Home Decor spotted at Maison et Objet

If you follow me on instagram or Facebook, you must have noticed that I went to Maison et Objet, the Parisian interior design and lifestyle fair. The fair is huge so you have to make choices, and accept that you can’t see everything. Nevertheless, I was able to spot the key trends prevalent among the major design labels as well as smaller ones. The trends can all be grouped under 4 overarching styles in interior design: LUXURY, BOHEMIAN CHIC, COSMIC INSPIRED, and ASIAN INFLUENCES.  (Please pardon my photography. It was very busy and the lighting isn’t ideal at the fair to take flawless photos).

  1. Dark-coloured marble (green, brown, blue, black)

Steer away white marble, because this winter the darker hues of marble are taking over. Especially marble coffee- and accent tables combined with brass legs are totally on trend. But we also see marble accessories like candle holders. Marble is part of the ‘luxury’ tendency in home decor. Even minimalist Scandinavian labels are embracing this trend. (in the photos: Ferm Living, House Doctor) {LUXURY}

green marble green marble

2. Brass and gold

Copper has been reigning home decors for the past two years, but that is about to change. From now on brass and gold are the dominant metalics. Again a trend that derives from luxury brands who have never deviated from brass and gold (think Jonathan Adler or Kelly Wearstler) The usually so minimalist Scandinavian labels embrace brass in their new collection. Bloomingville has some amazing designs I would like to get my hands on. {LUXURY}

IMG_7807 IMG_7827brassIMG_7605

3. Velvet sofas and chairs

Softness and opulence are easily achieved by velvet upholstery or curtains. Increasingly design brands are incorporating velvet chairs and sofas in their collection. To give it a contemporary look it is now often combined with a sleek design and modern frame or legs. (in the photo: Gubi dining chair) {LUXURY} Gubi velvet chair

4. Deep and dark colours: emerald green, dark blue and burgundy

Emerald green, dark blue and burgundy evoke royal, aristocratic interiors. Everything looks more luxurious when one of these colours is included, especially when combined with brass/gold, marble and in velvet. &Tradition had blue and burgundy sofas, Gubi green marble tables, and Ferm Living had vases in the trend colours. {LUXURY}

burgundy IMG_7555 IMG_7604

5. Grouped mirrors

Vain people are in luck, because covering your accent wall with multiple mirrors is the new alternative to art. (in the photos: Lifestyle) {LUXURY + COSMIC INSPIRED}

grouped mirrors

6. Colourful lucite or glass lamps, in unique shapes

It’s back to the seventies when lighting is concerned. Colourful lucite or glass lamps are the new eye-catchers in the room. Moreover, the shapes are just as groundbreaking: drops, stackable elongated forms, and bubbles. The brand Fatboy e.g. introduces lucite lamps with loose stackable elements for you to create your own bespoke design and choose your own colour combinations. (photos below are designs by: Pulpo, Watt a Lamp, 2x Fatboy, Michael Verheyden, Vanessa Mitrani, Ebb & Flow) {COSMIC INSPIRED}

IMG_7631IMG_7622IMG_7663Fatboy lampsIMG_7652lucite lamps

7. Asian influences

Asian influences are the next big thing. I think it’ll take one or two more years before it hit the masses, but it’s coming, that’s for sure. I noticed that there were two Asian influences. First, artisan Asian influences like folklore and natural accessories with a western twist. Think of wooden spoons, baskets, bamboo, tie-dye, and hand-made textiles and accessories. French brand BAAS had some beautiful things! On the other hand designs wherein East meets West and Asian traditional designs are reinvented. A good example are the rice paper lamps designed by & Tradition, the Formakami lamps by Jaime Hayon, a series of three handmade rice paper lamps that are a playful tweak on the Asian lantern. The lamps merge hand craftmanship with ancient materials in a new lamp. Another example is the Ibride Ming bowl set. {BOHEMIAN CHIC and LUXURY}

IMG_7758asian artisanIMG_7760asian artisan 2IMG_7545IMG_7559

8. Leather straps and belts

Leather belts and straps are used to hang things, or are incorporated into furniture designs as handles, or as a aesthetic detail. I already noticed this when I visited The Loft in Amsterdam a few weeks ago that the chairs and sofa had leather belt details (see here). Gubi, Ferm Living and By Lassen all embrace this trend. {BOHEMIAN CHIC}

IMG_7602 leather belts

9. Mixed materials in one design

Mixing different materials in one design was another prevalent trend. I saw a lot of nesting tables where the 3 tables were made of different materials: marble with wood and brass. Also candle holder made of marble and cork, or wood and brass. &Tradition introduced the Palette Tables, a series of three multi-tiered tables mixing marble, ash veneer, brass and satin brushed stainless steel. Disparate shapes, sizes, colours and materials come together in one cohesive design. {COSMIC INSPIRATION and LUXURY}

IMG_7554 IMG_7560 IMG_7615 mixed materials

10. Cosmic/Galaxy inspired lamps

Many lamp design are galaxy inspired creating perfect shadow play lamps (e.g. Mambo Unlimited). They are airy and light. Tom Dixon introduced the Melt lamp, a mesmerizing melting hot blown glass lamp that is translucent when on and mirror-finish when off.{COSMIC INSPIRED}

IMG_7573IMG_7676cosmic lamps

11. Natural materials (rattan, bamboo, wicker, linnen, wood)

The natural materials trend started earlier in 2015 as part of the Bohemian style. Rattan chairs, wicker lamps, olive wooden kitchen tools, baskets to hold magazines, plants or blankets in your livingroom, kilims, Moroccan Berber rugs, and handwoven textiles are just a few examples. Ay Illuminate has some beautiful hand-made statement lamps made by artisans in the Middle East and Asia, and Sika Design a large collection of rattan furniture. I also loved Cinq Etoiles pure and natural products and towels and Valentina Hoyos Arisitizabal‘s designs. {BOHEMIAN CHIC}

IMG_7733 IMG_7746 naturalsIMG_7716IMG_7722IMG_7752IMG_7753IMG_7782IMG_7799

12. Tropical Paradise/Jungle

The Tropical Paradise trend also started earlier this year with wall paper and fabrics with lush tropical palm leaves prints, tropical birds, and jungle flowers. {BOHEMIAN CHIC and LUXURY}

IMG_7589 IMG_7637

I will be blogging more about these trends in the coming months. Which ones are your favourites of these 12?

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