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Hotel to Heart: Greco Philia Hotel Boutique in Mykonos

Greco Philia

During my vacation on Mykonos, in the first week of June, I stayed at the Greco Philia Hotel Boutique on Elia Beach. Perched on a steep hill overlooking the sunkissed waters of the Aegean Sea, it is the perfect luxury escape. The hotel consists of 30 luxury suites and villas, some with private pools or jacuzzi. All suites and villas have unique interior designs. The main theme of the boutique hotel is art. Each accommodation is named after a painter and you’ll see beautiful art and statues dispersed on the grounds and in the rooms.


Getting to the Greco Philia Hotel

From the airport it takes about 30 minutes to get to the Greco Philia Hotel. The last part of the drive is pretty amazing, as the hotel is perched on a rock, leading you steep uphill with beautiful views of Elia Beach. On arrival I fell instantly in love with the place. Besides the unparalleled panoramic view, the hotel is like a small village with turning alleys, small courtyards and quaint stairways leading to different levels. There are plants, olive trees, and cacti everywhere you look.

Greco Philia hotel Mykonos Greco Philia hotel Mykonos

Wandering around the hotel grounds

The hotel’s history is quite interesting. The owner initially built it as a summer home for himself, and expanded his villa with other adjacent villas to house his daughter and family. Over a time span of 30 years it grew into a complex of different homes as it is today. The ‘home’ function, and the love that went into building and decorating it,  is still palpable and evident as you wander around the hotel grounds. There are gateways and stairs leading to different private villas and suites, small courtyards in between, and turning alleys to guide you past stunning greenery.

Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia Mykonos

Pool and sun deck

The pool and sun deck are the heart of the hotel. Here’s where you’ll find the hotel restaurant and bar, where breakfast is served, and where you get to enjoy the magnificent view from a comfortable sun bed. The design is very elegant with marble tables, and white fabrics. The sleek marble is mixed with a few traditional Mykonian style accessories, and traditional Greek accents, creating an inviting and cozy decor of clean modern lines and Greek authenticity. Do pay attention to the imprints in the marble tables. It is real artisan work from a craftman in Naxos.

Greco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia Mykonos


Going to the Chapel

Like nearly all Greek family houses, The Greco Philia also has a private chapel. The hotel is therefore an ideal location to plan your wedding, host the wedding dinner/party, and to accommodate the guests.

Chapel at Greco PhiliaChapel at Greco Philia

First night at the Vincent Superior Suite

The first night I stayed in the Vincent suite with direct access to the pool and sun deck. The interior design is a mix of an en vogue-ish sleek bedroom, a marble bathroom, and a traditional Greek kitchen. All suites and villas at the Greco Philia Boutique Hotel have luxury bathroom products from Greek label Apivita, Egyptian cotton sheets, and hypoallergenic pillows.

Vincent suite Greco Philia Hotel MykonosVincent suite Greco Philia Hotel Mykonos

The El Greco Superior Suite

The rest of the week I stayed in the El Greco Suite with a private terrace overlooking the Aegean sea and views reaching as far as the island Naxos to the east and Elia Beach to the west. To get to the El Greco Superior Suite you take stately stairs leading to a picturesque courtyard with flowers, trees, and cozy seating areas.

Greco Philia Mykonos Greco Philia MykonosGreco Philia MykonosGreco Philia Mykonos

The El Greco superior suite interior has a muted colour scheme with a few colour accents in the bathroom and hallway. The bedroom has a glass door with access to a terrace. There’s a small vanity, and a fireplace. On the terrace beautiful pottery add contrast to the white washed building. There’s a small kitchen with tea- and coffee maker, and a cozy living with flatscreen TV, Hifi Stereo, and DVD player.

The terrace has a double sun bed where you can tan during the day, or watch the sunset and the star-filled sky at night. Have a tour of my suite’s terrace and living in this short, 1 minute video I made.

Greco suiteGreco Philia MykonosGreco suite at Greco Philia Hotel MykonosGreco suite at Greco Philia Hotel Mykonos

Breakfast at the Greco Philia 

Breakfast in Greece is always a joy, and at the Greco Philia it is no exception. Each morning I was greeted with a smile by my favourite waiter Nikos and my favourite barista Nick. Whether you sit at one of the tables next to the pool, at the cliffside bar overlooking the sea, or order room service, it is hands down the most relaxed way to start the day. Every day, as a starter, you are treated to a basket full of freshly homemade bread buns, croissants, bread sticks, pastries and Greek filo pastry with sweet and savoury fillings. The filter coffee is perfect, but the latte or cappuccino made by Nick is even better!

The à la carte breakfast menu consists of a variety of delicious dishes: a fresh fruit platter, American pancakes with fruit, toast with avocado, French toast, eggs benedict, Greek style omelette, yoghurt with granola, and more. My favourites: the eggs benedict and the yoghurt. Add some extra honey because it’ll be the best honey you ever tasted! I was told they get it directly from a bee-keeper.

breakfast at Greco Philiabreakfast at Greco Philiabreakfast at Greco Philia

The Greco Philia Bar & Restaurant

During the day I mostly hang out at the poolside to up my tan, so I also got to sample multiple dishes from their lunch menu, while sipping on the most delicious mocktails, cocktails and wines. I wrote a separate blog post about the Greco Philia Bar & Restaurant here.

Greco Philia restaurantGreco Philia Mykonos

Greek Friendship and the Greco Philia Love

Greco Philia means Greek friendship, and that is exactly what you feel when staying at the hotel. The staff made my stay the most memorable hotel experience ever. They are always friendly and smiling, and they really go the extra mile to make you feel at home. On departure, it felt as if I was leaving new-made friends.

Thank you Greco Philia staff, and I hope to see you all again soon!

For reservations and more info:

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