Summer drink: Lolea sparkling wine

There’s a new drink I’m very enthusiastic about which is perfect for summer. It’s the Lolea sparkling wine. I was already a fan of the Lolea sangria, but this one is even better! The bottle alone is so pretty and elegant. The Lolea rosé has a distinctive floral taste with a tone of ginger and hibiscus flower. It is made from the Spanish Grenache and Tempranillo grapes. It’s fresh like a white wine, but also has character and depth like a red wine has. It’s a harmonious and delicate blend of fruity, floral and spicy aromas. You just have to try it. Serve it chilled and embellish it with a hibiscus flower for a finishing touch. [continue reading after photo]

Lolea rosé also makes a perfect cocktail. Below are 4 examples of cocktail recipes that are perfect for summer:

Fruit cocktail

Combine Lolea no. 5 with fresh fruit, freshly pressed citrus juice, and a splash of brandy. Shake it in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and you have the perfect mix.

Kir Royal

Place a hibiscus flower on the bottom of the glass and pour in flower syrup. Then add the Lolea no. 5. The bubbles will rise and the flower will slowly open. Your guests will surely be wowed by this little show stopper.
Mezcal rosé

Combine the Lolea rosé with the juice of half a lime, a drizzle of honey or agave nectar, and a drop of mezcal.

Bellini rosé

Place a hibiscus flower on the bottom of the glass. Add peach puree, then Lolea, and mix carefully with a spoon.

Lolea no.5 rosé is € 10,95 More info at:

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