Each year I claim that “this year I’m not buying a Christmas tree, too much fuss” and then I do it anyway. As soon as I see those glistening baubles and smell the fir trees I can’t help myself. So by December 1st my tree was all trimmed and my home was lit with flickering lights again. It feels so cozy and festive!

pink and gold christmas

Picking a tree for small spaces

Previous years I had a Nordmann fir because its needles are soft and don’t drop that quickly. However, a Nordmann fir is also wide and takes up much space which I don’t have. So this year I opted for a Fraser fir. Fraser firs are more pyramid-shaped trees with branches that are turned slightly upward which gives the tree a compact appearance and make them ideal for tight spaces. The tree has a lovely, aromatic fragrance and has a good needle retention. The needles are soft, wide and flat dark green. Another tree that was my second choice is the Serbian Spruce, which are also quite slender, so well suited to smaller homes.

Deciding on the colour scheme

When I was a child we had an array of colorful ornaments and Christmas light. My holiday decor is now completely opposite of that; I like a sophisticated, elegant feel. I have no adversity against the multi-color approach (my brother inherited all the vintage baubles) but for now I prefer a mature take on the Christmas decor! I have so many baubles and ornaments that I can differentiate my Christmas decor slightly each year. Also, by sticking with one or two colours I create rest in my small space. Since pink and brass are the trend in home decor and restaurant decor I thought I would go with that flow and have a pink and gold theme. Still, I wanted something different so I chose to snow spray my Christmas tree which makes it more magical and chic.

pink and gold baubles

Adding festive little touches

As the apartment is small I let the Christmas tree be the focal point and just add festive little touches around the rest of the house. I also caved for the two major trends of this year’s Christmas decorations; the grouped trees and the snow globes. I always use lots of flowers, seasonal evergreen and scented candles to inject atmosphere and Christmas fragrance to my home. Throw pillows, soft faux fur plaids, sheep skin and a warm Moroccan rug add texture and warmth for more snuggle appeal.

The Christmas tablescape and a DIY garland

I’m very proud of my table decor this year. Probably because I made a fir garland that looks pretty and also gave me much joy creating it. When composing a tablescape I always add something, even if it’s a small detail, that I created myself. I feel it adds personality and character to a table decor when you put creative effort into it. With Christmas I like to have a formal sit down. I usually welcome the guest with a homemade cocktail and direct them to the table where they can mingle while nibbling on nuts and vegetable chips that I have dispersed on the table.

How to make the garland

The DIY garland is super simple to make. All you need is a garland from your home & garden center, wire thread, pine cones, baubles and ornaments, a string of lights (on batteries), snow spray and berries. First snow spray the garland and let it dry overnight. Then wrap the lights around the garland. Use the wire thread to attach your pine cones and ornaments. Lastly, stick the berries in. Voila, your own garland in less than an hour!

Where to shop the look

I gathered my accessories and ornaments over the years. Most of my baubles and ornaments collection are either from De Bijenkorf or from Intratuin. New this year are the round brass trays from Søstrene Grene that I used in my table decor as well as on my coffee table and on my console. The grouped gold trees are from Intratuin, as are the pink roses in my table cape. The miniature gold baubles are from Hema, the snow globe and the small bowls for nuts are from Sissy Boy Homeland. The lightbulb on my console and the light string in my garland are from Karwei. My scented candle on the coffee table is a Ciretrudon winter edition. The pink agate candleholder is from Anthropologie.



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