Legendary Trunks

Must-see: The Legendary Trunks exhibition

Louis Vuitton aficionados are in for a very huge treat this winter because from December 6 till February 18, hundreds of Louis Vuitton trunks and other travel accessories can be viewed in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. I was at the Grand Opening last night and I’m still excited after seeing, touching and learning about these collectors items. ‘Legendary Trunks – The Exhibition’ is a fascinating journey through the history, generations and personal stories of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk. The oldest trunk on display dates back to 1850. The collection is only part of the world’s largest trunk collection and owned by the Swedish collector Magnus Malm and his wife.

Watch my video below for a quick preview of the exhibition or read on!


With an audio tour device in hand you are led through the different generations of the Louis Vuitton trunk and foregone times when travelling was done in haute style. You will see trunks from jetsetters, discoverers and adventurous owners. The exhibition is divided into 4 different themes: Travel Challenges, Exclusive Personalities, Exclusive Solutions and The Extremes. The journey through history starts with the antique trunks which were made out of wood.Legendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks Legendary Trunks Legendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks

Bespoke designs

The owners of the trunks sometimes had bespoke designs that would meet their personal needs. The trunks were to keep their most precious possessions safe and untouched. Who would have thought that centuries later those trunks would become treasures. Trunks that stuck with me were President Roosevelt’s trunk, Gustav Eiffel’s suitcase in which he likely transported his drawings of the Eiffel Tower, the library trunk custom-made in 1927 for Ernest Hemingway which could hold 80 books and transformed into a small desk, Judy Garland’s shoes trunk and a real cigars trunk. The most unusual and exclusive luggage you would never imagine is on display. The trunks had drawers, hooks and often looked more like mobile wardrobes.

Legendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibitionLegendary Trunks exhibition

In the 1900s automobiles often carried their spare tyre or repair instruments in round trunks lined with zinc.

Legendary Trunks exhibition

Another trunk with an compelling story is the one of Francis Edward Foley, a British Secret Intelligence Service officer. As a passport control officer for the British embassy in Berlin, Foley “bent the rules” and helped thousands of Jewish families escape from Nazi Germany.

The exhibition is compelling, educational and speaks to all senses due to the set up, lighting, and audio tour. A must-see this winter season for travel addicts, fashion lovers and anyone interested in the history and development of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk.

Legendary Trunks – the Exhibition, December 6, 2017 till February 18, 2018 in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.  More information about visiting hours and tickets: https://beursvanberlage.com/legendary-trunks-the-exhibition

Legendary Trunks exhibition Legendary Trunks exhibition Legendary Trunks exhibition



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