Miscellaneous, refined goods for the home and desk

Are you also a notebooks hoarder and do you have more pens and pencils than you could use in a lifetime? I’m guilty of both, not to mention the collection of stationery that I will never use because honestly, when do I send a handwritten letter anyway? Nevertheless, I continue shopping at stores like Miscellaneous […]

Hot spot Amsterdam West: De Balkonie

No matter the season you can always spruce up your balcony. I like to make my balcony a small extension of my living and I like to dress it according to the changing seasons. Because, even in autumn it can be a nice retreat, even though you have to put your coat on. On crisp […]

Hot spot Amsterdam West: Wildernis

One can never have too many plants. That’s what the owner of Wildernis must have thought. The ‘City Garden Shop new-style’ is chock full with houseplants. It is very unlikely you’ll leave this shop without a plant or at least inspiration to style your plants in your interior. Besides palnts and everything you need to care […]

Hot spot Amsterdam West: Things I Like, Things I Love

Conceptstore Things I like, Things I love must be avoided if you promissed yourself not to spend money. There are so many wanna-haves in this store that it’ll kill you not to buy anything. The concept store intertwines beautiful, carefully picked vintage and second-hand items with cool new ones. Beautiful art prints, ceramics, vintage funiture […]

Sharing Food with Friends at Happy Happy Joy Joy in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t like Asian food? If you’re planning a night out with friends, an Asian restaurant is usually your best bet as it appeals to everyone’s taste. The latest hot spot in Amsterdam West is the hip Asian restaurant Happy Happy Joy Joy on the Bilderdijkstraat 158hs. Run by famous Dutch chef cook Julius Jaspers, […]

De-stress and detox at Het Massagehuys in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I got to try out the newly opened Oriental massage salon ‘Het Massagehuys‘ in Amsterdam. I was in dire need of a massage to detoxify my aching body and relax my tense muscles. The new massage salon is situated in Amsterdam west, an upcoming neighbourhood where a multicultural street scene and […]