Miscellaneous, refined goods for the home and desk

Are you also a notebooks hoarder and do you have more pens and pencils than you could use in a lifetime? I’m guilty of both, not to mention the collection of stationery that I will never use because honestly, when do I send a handwritten letter anyway? Nevertheless, I continue shopping at stores like Miscellaneous in Amsterdam West. This shop is not the ordinary stationery shop, its collection assures to take your work space or desk to a sophisticated and refined space in a blink.


Who wants brass scissors, pen holders and paper clippers? Miscellaneous has the crop of the cream in desk accessories and work space items. High quality, aesthetic and functional, what else can yo wish for? Think design objects, beautiful paper goods, and stylish organizers. And the good thing is you can also shop from your couch at their web shop. Working from home just got more fashionable! – De Clerq straat 130, Amsterdam west


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