Trend: Ceremonial Necklaces in interior design

Tribal accessories and accents in home decor are experiencing a revival. I personally love this trend, as I prefer interior design that has global influences. Especially if you are a traveller it’s a great way to incorporate memorabilia and art and antiques from your travel destinations in your home, to give it that personal touch. While it’s best to steer away from the tacky and cliche souvenirs, folklore items, and cultural artifacts are objects you should splurge on. But even if you haven’t travelled to a certain country, the folklore, tribal, or other cultural objects may be just what your interior needs to inject that splash of sophistication and flair.
ceremonial necklaces

Last year I already predicted the juju hats (Bamileke feather headdress) trend, that is now seen everywhere. It didn’t take long for people to notice that also the ceremonial necklaces, especially those from Papua New Guinea, are gorgeous tribal objects that fit into almost every interior style. The necklaces are often made of feathers, shells and stones. Whether you give it a place in the living, bedroom or even bathroom, it adds glamour and it is a real conversation starter. The way the small details are put together, the exquisite feathers, and the story behind the object are all so interesting.Ceremonial necklaces

ceremonial necklace in interiorceremonial necklace in interiorhannahblackmore photography


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