Style on the go with Frends Headphones

Ever since I have my rose gold Frends headphones, people are literally turning their heads when I’m wearing them while jetting across town. I don’t think I ever had so many strangers come up to me to compliment me about an accessory since I bought my pink monogrammed clutch and my chanel iPhone bumper. So I’m […]

Slick up your earphones

We call hands free, we listen to our music on the go, and we play games on our phones with our earplugs in. So why not slick up those white buds and set yourself apart from the rest? Inspired by New York’s fashion and lifestyle scene, East Village Love created a range of ear phones […]

Headphones for Her

While our audio devices are getting smaller and thinner, headphones are on a revival trip back to the seventies, and getting bigger. The earpieces are considered real fashion accessories, and come in an array of colours. Especially amongst youngsters the oversized head phone has become a must-have gadget. Recently this trend also started winning territory […]