Headphones for Her

While our audio devices are getting smaller and thinner, headphones are on a revival trip back to the seventies, and getting bigger. The earpieces are considered real fashion accessories, and come in an array of colours. Especially amongst youngsters the oversized head phone has become a must-have gadget. Recently this trend also started winning territory amongst the thirty-somethings and tech-savvy  in their early forties who up until now considered it as a fore-gone childhood memory. How come? The headphones have become real design pieces.

Swedish designer Maria von Euler designed three head phone models for Molami that charm female adults with a high sense of style. All three designs flatter the female and are true fashion accessories as if right of the catwalk. Functionality and aesthetic are seamlessly intertwined with great eye for details. The most ground breaking design is the  Twine, a head band made of chiffon and silk with integrated earpieces and a small mic to call and chat on the move.

Pleat is in size the head phone as we know it from our childhoods, but in a design much more flattering to the female cheek bone structure and form of the face. Bright is a small earpiece with a small leather button detail and gold or silver embellishment. All models come in black and white.

molami 3 molami 4

molami 1

molami 2

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