L’après midi stationery

I’m a compulsive notebooks collector. The awkward thing is that once I bought them, I don’t use them because I don’t want to spoil them. So I keep them neatly stored in my bookcase to show of the pretty covers. There are two notebooks, however, of which I’m sure most people will reluctantly use them: […]

New year, new calendar

Welcome to 2013 and welcome to a new month. Something I always look forward to is picking out my favourite monthly desktop calendar. By now you know that I have a few favourite illustrators I turn to when choosing my desktop calendars. Moreover, I occasionally can’t choose between them, so I change frequently to enjoy all of […]

Painter Sophie Walraven at work

At the Woonbeurs Amsterdam I got to see painter Sophie Walraven at work. Her work can mostly be found in Amsterdam. On the street – she likes to brighten up the city by gluing her work to power houses – and in several expositions. One of those expositions is at the Amsterdam Museum, that recently acquired two of […]

Cheerful desktop calendars for August

Can you believe it’s August already? One thing I always like about moving into a new month are the new desktop wallpaper calendars that are offered for free monthly by some talented illustrators. They are all so nice that it’s hard to choose. In May I already summed up my favourites, but for those who […]

Will Broome exhibition

Last Sunday I visited the exhibition of artist and illustrator Will Broome at Gallery La Raven. It is his first exhihition in the Netherlands. I know Will Broome through his work for Onna-Onna, where I have my car insurance. His happy and funny illustrations are on all their marketing collateral and on my invoices and […]

Writings on the Wall

Bovenaan mijn verlanglijst dit jaar staan de typografische screen print kaarten van de Engelse ontwerpers Bold & Noble. Een kaart van je favoriete werelddeel of land in woorden, hoe leuk is dat? Je kunt er uren naar kijken en steeds weer nieuwe woorden ontdekken. En het klopt ook nog allemaal qua lokatie. Hoe kan dat […]