A Feast of Flavours at Taste of Amsterdam

Last weekend I visited Taste of Amsterdam, an annual culinary fest in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Prominent restaurants, chefcooks, wineries, and the foodie- and biological products market, it was all equally tasteful! In the cooking theatre they offered interesting workshops by the renowned institution Keizer Culinair kookworkshops.  It was a feast, and the atmosphere, also thanks to the late-summer weather, wonderfully! My personal highlights were the dishes of restaurant Momo, and the super tasty Scroppino drink (vodka, sparkling wine and lemon ice cream). Below is a photo impression of this successful weekend. Next year I am in again!

Food van restaurant Blauw

Ibericoribs van Momo met plum sauce

Ramon Beuk en Guus Vredenburg in het Kooktheater leggen uit wat Umami Tasting is.

de productenmarkt

de Scroppino bus

Duck roll met Hoisin Saus

sfeervol verlicht in de avond

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