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Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love, brought together under one roof– says Nate Berkus, famous interior designer and tv personality. When I came across this quote, it really resonated with me, because that has been a rule I have been living by for years now.  Although I have redecorated a few times, I always had my personality, and passion dictate my choices in furniture, colours and accessories. I never ever follow trends. My friends always compliment me with pulling it of. They say, that when they walk into my home, they see me, they feel me, they smell and they hear me, even if I wouldn’t be there. The decor is a representation of my journeys. Almost every object was either purchased on one of my trips, and holds a memory or is something I inherited. And the objects that I didn’t buy abroad only enhance those memories and are picked because they remind me of a place I have been. [continue reading after picture]

For instance, old type writers are a big trend right now. But I already had mine long before the trend arose. It represents my education in Communications & Journalism, and the way I started my career. It was handed down to me by my dad, who is not with us anymore. I was taught to type on that specific type writer. Hence, it has emotional value and represents my passion and past. Or, I had a personalised destination blind made listing my favourite places where my heart sang and my mind was free

Currently I’m redecorating for summer, adding a lot of hues and accessories with reference to the beach (shells, blue, white, sand, grey, copper and a touch of yellow referring to the sun) But you will also see yellow shell napkin rings from Bali, an antique batik pattern press, a pendant with vintage map of Atlanta where I used to live, antique butter knives from Thailand, a drop-shaped-lamp with exchangeable fabric cover with a wave pattern from Bali, a brass shiva hand from India, a tea set from Dubai, an essential oil diffuser from Bangkok. There is a story in everything….and here’s my story...

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