Sahara Chic bags

For a pop of colour and a sense of culture head over to Mushmina. They sell the most fabulous bags, made from hand dyed cotton shbka fabrics from Mauritania. Sold in 8 meter pieces, shbka fabrics are traditionally worn by women in the south of Morocco and Mauritania to shield them from the Saharan sun. The bags are vibrant, expressive and they have that boho chic vibe that never goes out of fashion really. The leather details and cotton linings give it that finish we are looking for in a bag.

Sisters Heather and Katie O’Neill began Mushmina out of a desire to aid a developing country. After spending time at the peace corps volunteering and researching in Morocco and Mali, they decided to found Mushmina, a fair trade company that partners with artisans in Morocco to create stunning, authentic accessories. In Morocco they work with over nine different regional artisan groups, employing over 75 artisans, both men and women, who can work from their own home.

Have a look at their website to find out more. To buy a bag online, or see their whole collection head over to their online shop on Etsy.

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