Soaking up inspiration at Maison et Objet – the intro

Yesterday I arrived back home from a week in Paris. For obvious reasons (burglars) I didn’t announce or communicate my trip until now. Hence the subtle hint of a We’ll always have Paris week. I went to Paris to soak up inspiration at the largest European home interior trade fair and design exhibition: Maison et Objet. It is the place where new trends, new collections and new designs are exposed and wholesalers sell them to the shops. I got lots of impressions, got a good view on new trends for fall/winter 2012, and plenty of input to blog about for the months ahead. During my trip I alternated between photographing with instagram, with my regular iPhone camera, and with my digital reflex camera, so in this, and upcoming blog posts, you will see different qualities of photos.

I also took time to explore the city and shops. Eventually I came back with a suitcase stacked with shop catalogs, goodie bags, and free magazines. But also with two boxes of macarons from Gregory Renard and the macaron king Pierre Hermé, and fresh produce from the farmer’s market: mirabelles (small yellow plums), Reines claudes (green plums) and a mixture of different coloured tomatoes. (yellow, orange, red and purple). They are extremely tasteful! So sweet! And I was lucky enough to be in Paris during the Vogue Fashion night as well!

Coming days and weeks ahead I will report back on my trip, impressions and findings, so stay tuned for more about Maison et Objet and shopping in Paris!

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