It’s my blogoversary!

Hoorah! It’s my blogoversary! It’s exactly one year ago that I posted my first blog post. Who would have thought that it would bring me so much joy and would change my life? 30s Magazine brought me international friends, it made me experience things like shopping, or cooking in a whole other way. Blogging has been an incentive to develop my photography skills, and my creative skills. It encourages me to go out and experience things I haven’t done before, like my visit to Maison et Objet in Paris, or the press meeting at Ikea. And most importantly, it helped me re-find my passion: writing! I already accomplished so many things. I got featured in Ariadne at Home magazine, 101 woonideeën, N.E.E.T magazine, and only yesterday I was the editor’s pick and featured on the homepage of It brought me so many nice things.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram for supporting me, for commenting on my blog posts, for liking my content and for sticking with me. Thank you for the past year! And also a big thank you to my sponsors who make it possible to feature such great products.

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7 thoughts on “It’s my blogoversary!

  1. Gelukkige verjaardag blogje :o)
    Fantastisch dat je dat allemaal op zo’n korte tijd hebt verwezenlijkt! Dat mensen je zo snel gevonden hebben om je uit te nodigen op press releases en zo, super!

    Veeeeeeel succes nog!

    1. You mean Louise;-) although I also like Corinne’s blog 🙂
      Was thinking about you the other day Jane, havent seen you on Twitter lately. Are you taking the BYW bootcamp?

      1. So sorry, Louise, Brain snap. Of course it’s you! No, I haven’t been on Twitter lately. We’ve just finished 2 weeks of school holidays so I’ve been otherwise detained ☺. I’m giving the Bootcamp a miss, as much as I’d love to do it. I still haven’t really had time to woth through what we did on BYW2.0. Are you? J x

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