Spotted at Maison et Objet: revolutionary designs by Seletti

One of the exhibitors at the interior design fair Maison et Objet in Paris was the Italian Seletti. Although I wouldn’t buy it for my own home, I do like a lot of their designs. It is different, daring, and out-of-the-box. They repurpose artifacts, provoke, reinterpret, and mix art with function. Here are a few of their designs I saw at the fair. Some photos are taken by myself at Maison et Objet, others are courtesy of Seletti.

A glass and wood bottle lamp. Designed by Selab and Alessandro Zambelli

A warehouse, ship or city on your desk to stay uncluttered, how cool is that? The desk organizer is made of porcelain and designed by Hector Serrano.

The classical chandelier reinterpreted into a contemporary design by using spoons, forks and knives. The dimmed light give it a magical look when it reflects on the white porcelain. The chandelier is like a windbell making a musical sound when moved by the wind. Designed by Hayoon Kim.

A crocheted cotton seat, inspired by the forest is designed by Miga Pan and 100% handmade.

A whole new take on the bell jar and bird cage: the Twitable designed by Allesandro Dubini is made of gold metal and porcelain

Multi-dish Designed by Maxime Ansia

Your own animal farm at home! These 3 wooden cabinets were designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

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