10 Hot Interior Home Trends spotted at Maison et Objet

Last week I was at the international interior design exhibition Maison et Objet in Paris. The amount of exhibitors was huge, but I did manage to spot a few trends that were prevalent among the different brands. According to François Bernard who put together an introductory exhibition at the entrance of the fair called ELEMENTS, the design trends can all be derived from the 4 natural elements: water, earth, air and fire. So look out for these items on your next shopping spree:

(Please note that all photos in this post are of less quality and were taken with my phone due to the fact that photographing was officially prohibited. However, I did get permission from all exhibitors for taking these shots)

TREND 1: Insects and botanical plants

I saw a lot of insects, butterflies, flowers and plants, often depicted like right out of an old encyclopedia

top left: Pols Potten, others: &Klevering

Pols potten (Amsterdam)

&Klevering (Amsterdam)

notebooks from EpigrA.M.

top: wall insects made of recycled iron by Terre Sauvage, bottom: framed insects (unknown exhibitor)

Wallpaper by neoDKo

TREND 2: Skulls

I’ve seen skulls under bell jars, skulls on pillows, skulls on wash bags, and skulls on coffee tables in all colours and sizes. Not really my cup of tea, but it sure is a trend.

Les Cakes de Bertrand

TREND 3: Repurposed oil barrels

One World (available at Raw Materials in Amsterdam)

Forgot the name of this exhibitor, please inform me if you recognize the design

Chehoma put together a decorative wall of barrels, very impressive

TREND 4: White

Pols Potten and Serax

Mix of accessories from Asiatides and Seletti

Forgot the names of these exhibitors, please inform me if you recognize the design

TREND 5: Bell jars

Bell jars to display your collections, photos, an antique tea cup, or on top of a candle. I saw the glass items in all sizes and forms.


TREND 6: Deer heads and antlers


TREND 7: Coastal living and the sea


pillow designed by Ionna Vautrin (available at kwadrat.dk)

urchin wall and coastal accessories by Chehoma and coastal accessories by Nomades

TREND 8: Animals

I’ve seen a lot of references to cattle, but also to animals of the forest (and fables) like the haze, peacock, owl, fox and the pheasant. Especially for Christmas you can expect to see lots of peacocks ornaments.

&Klevering (Amsterdam)




Wallpaper by NeoDKO

Left: Nordal, right: Lisbeth Dahl


TREND 9: Dots

dot stool from Pols Potten (Amsterdam)

& Tradition Copenhagen

Innermost dot lamps. They remind me of molecules.

TREND 10: Birds and bird houses

left: unknown, right: Nordal

left: an old drawer with wallpaper lining by Nordal, right: wall decorations by Miho

Lisbeth Dahl

The old fashioned cuckoo clocks in a contemporary design by Diamanti & Domeniconi

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