Paris cheat sheet: Merci concept store

Today I’m sharing another hot spot in Paris that I visited last month. The Merci concept store at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais. While I was visiting they had the Net Generation as a theme throughout the store, but the theme changes constantly so I’m not sure if it’s still current. Merci consists of three floors, a restaurant with a wall of books to browse while eating, and a cafe. On the first floor they sell gadgets, and small wanna-haves. Crochet iPad sleeves, design ear plugs, and neon iPhone bumpers are abundantly displayed. There is also an Aesop corner, a renowned beauty brand with great bath and body products.

In the apparel section I saw plenty of cool hats and scarves. I fell in love with the different design jewelry pieces. The apparel’s style is mainly casual, or street wear, and made of natural materials like cotton, leather, linen and woolen knits.

Upstairs you’ll find more home accessories and design furniture. And in the basement foodies can shop for cookware and crockery.

Photography ©L. de Miranda

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