Homemade with Love: Fall Favours for the Hostess

Are you going to friends or family this weekend?  Then why not bring something homemade for the hostess? Earlier this year I showed you how to make a French inspired homemade gift basket with baguette and goat cheese balls (click here). Today I’ll show you another theme to use for your hostess gift basket.

Since it’s still autumn, why not use seasonal sweets? I baked a small apple-blackberry cake as in last week’s recipe, and wrapped it in baking sheet with string and pink autumn branches. I saved the syrup from the blackberries (see the recipe) and added water to make lemonade. Bottle it nicely with your own crafted label and string. Put a few fresh blackberries in a jar and use fabric and an elastic band to cover the lid. A vibrant red apple, pink ribbon, and a fun patterned textile to complete it, and you are ready to go.

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  1. I agree with your friends. I think you are the Dutch Martha Stewart. I posted and linked a few of your Autumn table setting photos on my blog and several people liked them on facebook and verbally told me how much they liked them. dawn from BYW class

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