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I’m a loyal fan and user of Paperblanks notebooks and organisers. Paperblanks has such a huge assortment of beautiful notebooks, that it’s often hard to choose. Whether you like Moroccan patterns, Indian tiles, or late 19th century arts as a cover, there is something to fit your style. For 2013 I chose a pocket size luminous diary with a mosaique cover inspired by an 18th century Parisian gold-tooled leather mosaique binding. It recalls a medieval motif called au semé. I always get my Paperblanks notebooks at my bookstore but for a sales point near you check here. I think a notebook or organizer by Paperblanks would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

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For this month’s give-away I teamed up with Paperblanks and selected 2 organizers for you with lovely designs:

1. An English organizer with a French ornate vert cover. (green) It is printed in a way to recreate the luminosity and look of classic era silk, and pays hommage to the Jacquard loom silk weaving tradition of Lyon, in the 19th century. The organizer is a week at a time in horizontal format, has a removable mini address book,, extra note pages, and ribbon page markers.

2. We are also giving away a Dutch organizer with copper and golden flowers. The Morris Honeysuckle is artwork by William Morris, one of the most celebrated artists in the 19th century. Created using woodblock printing done by hand, his antique florals and plants have become design classics. The organizer has week at a time horizontal format, a memento pouch, two bookmark ribbons, and a removable address book.

How to enter the Give-away

1. Leave a comment on this blogpost telling us one of your biggest plans for 2013 and how this organizer would help you with that.

2. Subscribe or connect to 30s Magazine by e-mail, or on facebook, and tell us in your comment how you are connected/subscribed.

3. Don’t forget to mention whether you’d like the English or the Dutch organizer

The winner will be drawn on November 30 and will be notified either by e-mail if you have a subscription, or on Facebook if you are connected.

4 thoughts on “Set your Schedule in Style + 2 Give-aways

  1. My biggest plan for 2013 is to design my blog, and blog everyday! The English organizer will defiantly help me to keep consistent with my blogging and my blog subjects unique. I have a regular planner, but am realizing the more I get engaged in my blog, I need a whole new planner for that career! Plus paperbanks makes the cutest products!

  2. One of my biggest plans for 2013 is to finish my novel. The organiser would help me keep track of my word counts, what chapters and plot lines I need to work on per week, and any new ideas to jot down. I have liked your Facebook link, and my preferred design is the Dutch organiser. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. My biggest plan is to be more organized and efficient at work so I have time for an actual LIFE to spend with my family and personal activities. The Dutch organizer will help me accomplish this by keeping important appointments, deadlines, and information in one place to keep with me at all times. With lovely paper and a stiff cover, Paperblanks products are high quality and make something as simple as making an appointment a pleasure (can you tell I am already a Paperblanks fan??). I liked your Facebook page and subscribed by email — thank you!!!

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