Decorating with emerald green

The colour of 2013 is Emerald green. But other colour trends like blue and tropical colours are also abundantly represented in stores and magazines. I decided that for the transition period from winter to spring I would mix two of the colour trends, namely emerald green and bright pink.

When I was  in College (15 years ago), I had a white decor with burgundy and emerald green accessories. Unfortunately I threw a lot of that stuff away, but I did save two emerald green tea lights. I paired one of them with an empty wine bottle and a ceramic cup I bought at Noot & Zo last year. Combined with natural elements like feathers, an antler and cotton I created a robust vignette on my dining table. And because I write and craft a lot at my dining table as well, I added a tin with a few tools to grab. The tin is from Anthropologie and held a scented candle. [continue reading after photos]

emerald green vignette

cotton feathers green crafts tin

candle and antler

In my seating area I prefer another ambiance. It has to be more feminine and I want to usher spring as I did on my coffee table, so I combined emerald green with vibrant pink, flowers and girly accessories like a ceramic bird and birdcage. The fresh white and the popping pink balance the dark green into a spring-like colour combination reminiscent of green leaves and pink blossom. How are you using emerald green in your interior?

emerald green tealight spring vignette 2

flower bulb pink rose

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