A Peek in my Purse

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking inside her purse. Moreover, you can even say a lot about a woman by her purse itself. Purses are said to be status symbols, and I have to admit that I’m guilty as charged of looking at handbags to define my first impression of someone. It’s no secret that I value a high qualitative bag and that I have an obscene collection of Italian designer bags (mostly Furla) lined up on shelves in a special closet.  No knock offs though! I would rather buy a less expensive bag that I liked  than a knockoff.

The contents of a woman’s purse is another hint that can certainly reveal a lot about her personality. Is she organized and always prepared for the unexpected, or is her bag cluttered? Today I’m sharing a fraction of the stuff in my purse. I chose to highlight the things I get complimented for regularly – the things that catch people’s eyes.


My wallet is the talk of the town. I haven’t been able to just pay for my purchases and leave in over a year. Every cashier, male and female, is swooning over my wallet. So if you need an ice breaker, here you go! My Wild and Wolf wallet is like a vintage postcard, plastered with inspiring texts and travel keepsakes. A map of Paris adorns the inside.


As a business woman with a socially active life, I don’t go anywhere without my Saskia van der Linden Diary. It’s the second year I bought her design. Although I’m very tech savvy, I prefer a tangible, print diary over the one in my phone. Besides, this diary is like eye candy. It’s full of fable-like illustrations, stickers and postcards.


Creative ideas come to you at the most inconvenient moments. And as a blogger you constantly run into new brands and cool places. Again, I don’t like to take notes on my phone, so I always carry around a little notebook. The bright yellow notebook with a cute little bird was a gift by the designer herself Mariska Meijers.

Steam cream is such a great invention. Whenever I get dry elbows or a dry face I smooth my skin with just a dot of steam cream. It’s handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The array of tin designs is amazing and you can easily start your own collection.


Whenever I pull out my tin box with business cards people literally jump me to find out where I got it. And that’s when they haven’t even seen the text yet. I think it’s because of the soft pastels, and Oriental illustrations. The box is not specifically for business cards, but for any “random crap”. I bought it at the Bijenkorf, but you can get it at many places. They also have funny chewing gum boxes. It’s by the American brand blueQ


One of my first blog posts was about Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It’s the best lip balm out there, and after using this you’ll never have chapped lips again. It is in fact an all-purpose salve which soothes your skin and nourishes blemishes. You can even use it in your hair.

I don’t like minor nail accidents, so I always have my emergency pack with me: my OPI nail polish, and my Anne Taintor nail file I got at Brush!

To keep my hands soft and smooth I use Terre d’Oc hand cream. It’s a French brand that blends the Orient and Provence with essential oils from the Provence and oriental fumes of incense. All of  Terre d’Oc products are organic and the packaging is just fabulous!


So what does the content of my bag tell you about my personality?

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