Ulyana Sergeenko Cross-stitch Shades

Crochet and cross-stitching are still on a huge revival. Thirty-something women are taking classes, sharing and selling their hand-made crochet wares on Etsy.com, and are building crochet clubs to work on their skills in groups while chatting and having tea. Whether this hand-made and crafting trend has to do with the recession or with our generation’s nostalgic feelings for more simplicity and purity…I don’t know. Whatever ignites this trend, you can’t ignore the influence it has on interior design and fashion.



In my blog post ‘Cross stitch interiors‘ I already touched upon a few interior design brands who have incorporated the stitches in their accessories. Fashion designers have also caught on to the trend, like new kid on the block Ulyana Sergeenko. The Russian designer who hit the runway by storm only two years ago, stole the show at  fashion week Paris with her spring/summer 2013 couture collection. The couture collection is inspired by American classics like Huckleberry Finn, and Gone with the wind. Models in ball skirts, tight corsets and balloon capes strutted the catwalk.  But, even though her designs are dramatic and theatrical, it were the small details that made the most impression. Embroidery and hand-painted buttons adorn the whimsical dresses and small purses. (watch the 5 minute runway video here)

I won’t be buying any of her couture dresses any time soon, but the shades are a whole different story. I love them! They are reminiscent of Sergeenko’s Russian heritage yet right on trend and fashion forward. I haven’t been able to locate a shop that sells them, but as soon as I do, I will let you know!

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